Stranded granny rescued after nine days in the wilderness

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TUCSON, AZ -   For 72-year-old Ann Rodgers, the sound of a chopper overhead was music to her ears. It was the sound of rescue.

After losing her way on a trip to visit family in Phoenix, Rodgers ran out of gas in the White Mountains of Arizona. With her dog and cat by her side, she was forced to spend the night in her car.

That was Day #1.

"I waited until sun up the next morning, hoping a truck, a car, anybody or anything would go by."

On Day #2, she went looking for help. Hoping to find a light pole, a ranch house, some sign of life.  "I didn't care.  But nothing."

Much like a Girl Scout motto, “Don’t be scared. Be prepared,” Rodgers always has food and water in her car. But after several days, her provisions were gone. For Ann and her four-legged traveling companions, it was time for full-scale survival mode!

"I was eating desert plants.  My dog was too.”

When she saw planes and helicopters overhead, she knew what she had to do.  “I found an elk carcass bleached white, long gone, 12-point rack.”

Rodgers dragged it to the beach and pointed it toward a giant “HELP” sign she'd made out of sticks and stones.

Finally, after nine days in the wilderness, the sound she`d been praying for. That police helicopter overhead.

“I just sat down and bawled."

Now, that`s what we call a granny with guts!


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