Five terror suspects in UK arrested, Belgian minister resigns after ignoring warnings

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BIRMINGHAM, UK - While you go about your day -- wake up, grab a coffee, head to work, run errands, and come home to relax-- there are people constantly investigating and trying to catch terrorists.

Their latest success story comes out of the U.K., where five suspects were arrested in two English cities: Birmingham and Sussex.

Authorities nabbed five individuals, four male and one female, who were linked to the ISIS attacks in Paris and Brussels.

Should the U.K. be scared?

Nah, officials are assuring people they had no reason to believe in an attack on the country.

But other confirmed terrorist (like the infamous man in the hat) visited the U.K. cities before the Brussels attack. On top of that an ISIS cellphone made many calls to Birmingham the night of the Paris attack.

Terrorism sure is taking it's toll.

The Belgian transport minister, Jaqcqueline Galant, finally said "deuces" to her job.

Galant is out . . . and she may have brought it on herself.

A report on the Brussels airport security stated there were flaws. Security wasn't as tight as it should have been. Apparently, the minister ignored those warnings although she denies having seen the report.

We all know the tragic aftermath.

But since the bombing, dozens have been arrested, so it looks like someone, somewhere is doing their job correctly!


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