Kendahl Ross fits right in as a student athlete and a Class Act

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TOMBALL, TX - Kendahl Ross is just a sophomore, but he's making a name for himself statewide.  Last year, the Texas House of Representatives honored the Concordia Lutheran football player.

"They recognized my academics as well as my athletics, so it was a pretty awesome experience," Ross said.  "I was smiling ear to ear when I found out that's what they were doing."

Ross is a three sport athlete (football, baseball, track) and also takes part in student council.  While he's an active member of the school, keeping up with his 4.3 GPA is most important to him.

"When it's time to be a student, it's time to be a student. And when it's time to be an athlete, it's time to be an athlete.  But, it's always student athlete, so school definitely comes first."

While college is still in the distant future, Kendahl says he plans on majoring in business.

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