50-year-old time capsule opened in Clear Lake

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CLEAR LAKE, TX - Fifty years ago, folks in Clear Lake buried a little piece of history to go with their brand new movie theater.

“It was one long screen at the back of the building, in time they put a partition right down the middle to make it two screens,” remembers Cleark Lake resident, John Taylor.

Now 50 years later, we finally get a look inside, and take a peak into the past.

“I was 10 years old when they put this time capsule in, and my father and I came down here, to see Chuck Connors land in a helicopter and sign autographs,” shares Grier Oberholtzer.

But like most things constructed that long ago, this time capsule was built to last. What was supposed to be an easy extraction ended up taking two hours of gentle demolition.

For something constructed so well, it unfortunately was not air tight.

So, like so much of Houston right now, the capsule was inundated with water.

“Hopefully some stuff is salvageable, it’s going to take a lot of time drying,” says Jim Johnson, Branch Manager of the Clear Lake City-County Freeman Branch Library.

They did find some newspapers, maps, and a model of the Gemini Rocket came bubbling to the surface. And for other items, they’re not giving up yet.

“Most interestingly a flag carried by Pete Conrad, on what’s believed to be his Gemini V mission. We can’t quite find the flag yet, but it’s probably in there somewhere,” said Johnson.

And hey, chances are the iPhone we’d bury to represent the 21st century would never weather the passing of time.