A graphic reminder to turn around, don’t drown

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HOUSTON - Here is a graphic reminder of a deadly week in Houston, and beware since this is sensitive video to watch. In the early hours Monday morning at around 6:15 am, video from the Harris County Toll Road Authority shows the last, tragic moments of the life of Claudia Melgar as she drove into over 30 feet of water at the eastbound Westpark Tollway exit to Post Oak.

Melgar's body would not be extracted from the water until most of that water was finally pumped out on Tuesday...

Now, two days after the incident, NewsFix asked Harris County Judge Ed Emmett about the treacherous underpass.

Emmett says, "What has happened at that intersection is unacceptable. This is not the first time that there have been deaths there... We have got to come with a system quickly that prevents people driving into places like that."

It was just one of a barrage of questions that local authorities have trouble answering, in the wake of this historic disaster.