Big wins in the Big Apple primaries

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NEW YORK, NY -  You know what they say about New York, right? If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere!  For Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the news is big. It’s not just big, it’s huge!

Both front-runners did what they needed to do at home, picking up those much-needed delegates.

Trump says to his supporters, “We're really, really rockin’.” And Clinton says to her’s "You proved once again, there's no place like home."

No surprise, neither of their opponents is going down without a fight.

After failing to beat Trump, Senator Ted Cruz says, “If you look at the frenzied panic that he wants the race to suddenly be over now that he`s won his home state, it shows why Donald is scared.”

Cruz wants to debate The Donald in Pennsylvania. So far, nothing's been scheduled. John Kasich is not much of a factor, despite taking Manhattan, Trump's stomping ground. And even though Bernie Sanders took eight of the last nine contests, Clinton put an end to that winning streak.

Still, five states are up for grabs next week. They are:  Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland, and Delaware,

“And we look forward to winning a number of those states," says the other Democratic presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders.

For Democrats, though, the Big Apple primary is not without controversy.

“The incompetence of the Board of Election puts a cloud over these results,” says Scott Stringer, City Comptroller.

About a 100-thousand Brooklyn democrats were purged from registration lists because they had not voted in more than five years. And about three million New Yorkers could not vote because they were registered as independents.

Sanders says he’s concerned about that. "And I hope that that process will change in the future.”

For now, Trump remains the king of the GOP hill and Clinton remains at the top of the democratic heap.