US Treasury announces big changes for the $10 and $20 bills

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WASHINGTON, DC - Are they staying or going?

That is the question facing the faces of the ten and twenty dollar bills, and now Uncle Sam has the answer.

For Andrew Jackson...he's outta here!

Yep, the US Treasury announced the top spot on the twenty now goes to Harriet Tubman.

That's right, Civil War abolitionist Harriet Tubman is the big winner who will make history as the first African-American woman to appear on US paper money. And historians are elated. "Harriet Tubman just embodies about everything that I could want in a particular candidate....she just strove for freedom," one female advocate stated.

But what about Alexander Hamilton's spot on the ten-spot?

As Hamilton says in his hit musical, he's "not throwing away my shot!"

The Feds say he's staying put, likely due to the popularity of the Broadway musical "Hamilton" which has made the nation's first treasury secretary a modern star.

But Hamilton better watch his back, because the backside of the ten-dollar bill is getting a makeover featuring various leaders of the women's suffrage movement.

None of these big changes are coming any time soon.

The new tens won't be out until 2020, and there's no date for the new twenty yet.

But, with this new face-lift for bills, should Washington or Jefferson be worried about losing their top billing?

There may be a new face waiting in the wings...