Arkansas teen arrested after filling McDonald’s water cup with soda

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SPRINGDALE, AR - Looks like folks in Flint aren't the only ones being arrested over water crimes.  Apparently, someone at a McDonald's in Springdale, Arkansas called the food police after a teenage boy was caught  filling up a water cup with soda.

Employees say three teens ordered cups of water from the drive-thru.  They walked into the fast food joint, dumped their boring cups of H2O for something with a lot more flavor and fizz.

The manager caught the trio and demanded they give the sodas back.  Two of them did, but 18-year-old Cody Morris refused.

Springdale Police say Morris then hit the manager with his car while  trying to get the hell out of dodge.  Morris is now being hit with a felony robbery charge over a soda from Mickey D's.

The cost of free couldn't be more pricey for him.  You bet he's not lovin' it now.