Chicago family files wrongful death lawsuit after cab runs over beaten relative outside 7-Eleven

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CHICAGO - A man attacked on a busy Chicago street, gets knocked down, nobody helps him, then is run over by a car leading to his death.

The attack occurred outside a 7-Eleven, back in February.  Surveillance cameras captured 32-year-old cocktail waiter, Marques Gaines in a confrontation with an unnamed man wearing a hoodie.

The two exchange words before things get physical.  Gaines walks away as the man strikes at him, then chases Gaines to the corner of the street.

The man punches Gaines, knocking him into a crosswalk where he lay for a couple minutes.

Gaines' aggressor flees the scene.  A couple runs toward Gaines, apparently to rob him.  They walk away as several others pass him by as if he doesn't exists.

Relative, Drexina Nelson shockingly asks, "How could people just walk by as if nothing happened? This is a human.  This is a person.  What if this was your own family?  How would you feel about that?"

Moments later, a cab accidentally runs over him.  Eventually cops try to free Gaines from under the car.  He later died at the hospital.

The victim's family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Chicago Taxi, the driver, and 7-eleven.  The family's attorney, Chris Hurley, claims the store should have had better security being in a high-crime area.

Sadly, this cocktail waiter got served a mix of unfortunate events that ended his life.