Local woman tests positive for Zika

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HOUSTON, TX- Zika: you keep hearing about it and the scary effects it can have on your pregnancy.

Last week, the Centers for Disease Control confirmed it can cause microcephaly, a birth defect, which causes underdeveloped brains in newborns.

Unfortunately, Houston's confirmed its first pregnant patient to test positive with the virus. The patient is from El Salvador and moved to Houston in January.

Doctors at Legacy Community Health have been keeping a watchful eye. Dr. Natalie Vanek says "she's been followed very closely".

Her husband was actually the first to show symptoms; she developed them a month later.

There are 12 confirmed cases of Zika in Houston, 31 in Texas; none of the victims were infected here.

Vanek says the chances of getting locally infected are expected to increase. "We anticipate that will change as spring turns to summer and spring population blooms".

Now that parts of Houston are buried under water, mosquitoes could soon be everywhere.

It's essential to  "do anything that you can that's common sense to get rid of mosquitoes" according to Zanek.

So while pregnant women should avoid travel to Central and South America, where the virus is most rampant . . . be careful at home . . .  the mosquitoes are coming!