New rains hit Houston area creating mandatory evacuation in Wharton, rising waterways elsewhere

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HOUSTON - Oh no! Here we go again as rain hits the Houston area, and the already-saturated Bayou City waterways are being taken to the brink!

Already over 1,700 homes, 560 apartment buildings, and 55 mobile homes have been ravaged by the floods.

In the town of Wharton, Mayor Domingo Montalvo issued a mandatory evacuation for all residents in a flood-prone part of town along the Colorado River.

"There are people that are still trying to get out, but we have had nine people who say, 'I am not leaving,'" the mayor shared.

A shelter has been set up in the local junior high school gym.

"I just thank God that I'm alive," one woman said.

"I've never seen anything like this," another volunteer added.

The Colorado River is expected to crest at 48 feet on Thursday night.

Meanwhile, Houston area residents up north are hoping for the best but bracing for the worst.

As one West Houston resident put it, "We had 16 inches of rain in less than 12 hours."

"I was just was scared...I was scared for my neighbors that were still here," Susie Gafford said, who lives in the Rialto West subdivision.

"Within three or four hours the whole street was just completely midnight we already had water up to our garage," Sean Martin, another Rialto West resident, shared.

In areas that have never seen flooding, residents are questioning what went wrong with drainage systems.

"Somebody dropped the ball on us, and we're not getting the drainage we deserve," Martin expressed.

"I think we definitely need to come up with why it's flooded all of a sudden," Gafford agreed.

Danny Perez of TX Dot blamed the heavy rain. "In that area, it had been hit so hard that the rain and the had nowhere to go."

Mayor Sylvester Turner went on CNN to share the latest update. "Addicks and the Barker dams...they're holding for now," Turner insisted. "Police and Fire went out to take a look at them, and they're structurally sound."

In the Bear Creek area, the Addicks Reservoir remains full, and Hwy 6 is still underwater and likely will be for weeks!

Across town, the San Jacinto River flooding still has areas completely submerged, worrying residents from Kingwood to Humble.

While the forecast looks good for the weekend, Thursday's rains may be a critical test of just how well local reservoirs and drainage systems will hold up.

"Police and Fire and others in the City of Houston have really stepped up...organizations of all different levels in the business community," Mayor Turner expressed. "So, we will get through it."

For now, H-Town is rolling with Mother Nature's punches.