Officials capture tiger running loose on the streets of Conroe

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Conroe, TX - Floods can bring out all kinds of wild things, but you won't believe what was spotted in was a real tiger!

"We began receiving phone calls inside dispatch stating that there was a tiger loose," Conroe Police Sgt. Dorcy McGinnis shared.

Sure enough, a resident made the discovery. "I stopped at a stop sign, and I look over, and I saw something crawl into the bush," Erin Poole said.

And then she realized she saw a tiger.

Yep, her boyfriend decided to get a closer look. "I was like, she's in the attack mode right now," Poole recalled. "Maybe not get so close."

"I was scared at first cause I don't know if it's gonna hurt me or what," Poole's boyfriend Jonathan Gessner confessed.

Then the tiger actually lunged at him.

"Out of nowhere, she came running and paws got on my shoulder-- and she started licking me in the face," he continued.

That's when animal control got involved and captured the fierce beast.

Turns out, officials say the tiger is a very young female that is "very playful but very very strong," according to McGinnis.

"She laid down," Poole continued. "She looked at me, she was staring at me...and then when I got a little bit closer she jumped on me and started licking me."

Officials aren't sure who the tiger belongs to since wild animals are not allowed in the city of Conroe, but they hope to return the tiger to her owner.

Meantime, this little tiger seems to like the star treatment from the folks in Conroe.

"They're great!" someone roared.

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