Road closures frustrate many and remain challenges for TXDOT, HCTRA, and CoH

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HOUSTON, TX - After Monday’s showers flooded much of the city, high water still hasn`t drained away in many areas. Some of which have caused unusual hazards and unique dilemmas for TXDOT and Harris County Toll Road Authority.

Trying to get to the new section of the Grand Parkway from FM 529? Not today!

“Usually I take 99 down to College Station, I`m a little bit upset that it`s closed, right now but I`m just going to try to head out to 290 and Barker,” said Kyle McDaniel.

“When you`re sitting in your car, and you`re getting emotional, because you have no place to go , it took me over an hour to get three-quarters of a mile yesterday morning.... If I have a five hour commute, to and from work, then I have to make a living,” says Michelle Carmona, who was trying to find her way to work.

And while the retaining wall at 290 and Huffmeister seems to be near full repair now, shouldn`t we be planning better than this?

And while for some it`s an inconvenience, for others it can be down right deadly. --including the well-documented accidents at the Westpark Toll Way exit at from Post Oak.

It`s something Harris County Judge Ed Emmett is serious about, too. “I`m going to take ownership of this issue, and we`re going to get a solution to it. And a lot of that solution will come from the Texas Department of Transportation, the Toll Road Authority, and the City of Houston,” Emmett said Wednesday.

Because while it`s costing some Houstonians a whole lot of time, for others, it`s already cost so much more.