Bio tech company hopes to bring “brain dead” people back to life

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Philadelphia, PA - Looking for peace of mind?

Well, a company in Philly is...literally. That is, they could want a piece of your mind!

A company called Bioquark thinks they've found a way to take a dead brain and bring it back to life.

Yeah, for real!

The company is examining patients who have suffered severe brain trauma from accidents or illnesses and seeing if there is a possibility of what they call "brain death reversal."

In other words, giving the "brain dead" a second chance at life.

Yep, they claim there's a chance that just because someone is pronounced "brain dead," doesn't mean that their brain can't be brought back to life using stem cell research and other advanced technology.

All this science has come about through studying little creepy crawlers that can regenerate brain tissue.

Little creatures like salamanders can actually grow back brains!

And this has led to talk of someday being able to create "living cadavers."

Of course, this means somebody will be put out of business.

Yeah, say goodbye to the Grim Reaper, and hello to brains living forever.