Houston begins to clean up the mess left behind historic flooding

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Northwest Harris County, TX - If there’s such a thing as the “calm before the storm,” this is the chaos after. Residents here in the Bear Creek Village subdivision are beginning the uphill battle of starting over.

“Friends and family have come and pulled up most of the wood floors, pulled up all the carpets, we just have about 20 fans running throughout the house, says resident Kelly Slattery.

And as the water clears from one side of the street, the other recedes more slowly.

“We’re waiting to see if we’re going to flood again, before we get into anything serious,” says resident Larry Peavler.

“We’re just running fans and itemizing what we can for insurance purposes…we have to wade in, do what we have to do and get out,” explains resident Ronny Smith.

And everywhere you turn, the whole situation kinda seems unfair.

For Kelly Slattery, she recounts, ”Last year I got a letter saying I wasn’t in a flood zone, that I wasn’t qualified to get insurance through FEMA, here’s proof now but a day late and a dollar short.”

“This is not a natural disaster, this time in our neighborhood in bear creek, that’s its man-made, and they’re using our streets, and our property, and our homes for flood control,” says Larry Peavler referencing the Harris County Flood Control District and the Army Corps of Engineers.

The damage is done, but coping with the aftermath is hard work.  But resident Gary Hesterly shared, “I’s over, I can’t do anything about it, you just have to clean up and move on. You could choose to stress over it, grieve over it, but it wouldn’t change the results any. Good hard work is about the only thing that’s going to fix it.” That’s about as positive as you can be in that spot.

Here more on what resident Larry Peavler thinks of the whole situation in the video below.