Search ramps up for Shoreacres teen missing since March 22

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SHOREACRES, TX-- Have you seen Abigail English? The 15-year-old redhead went missing from her home in Shoreacres near La Porte on March 22nd.

"She went to walk the dog, and only the dog came back," says her mother, Deborah Dreyer.

"To me it seems like she had a lot of pain bottled up," says her brother Cody Cupp, who like Abigail (or "Abby" as family and friends call her) spent most of his life in foster care. "From experience, it seems she went through some hard times... living through group homes and CPS."

Abby just moved to Texas from California in November to live with her grandmother and get reunited with her mother. But mom says the transition hasn't been smooth, partly because of Abby's mood swings. "It was like there were two Abbys," says Dreyer, "You know, there was like the good Abby and then the other Abby. It was like Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde."

And that's a big cause of concern in all this. Abby takes medicine for her condition, which mom calls bipolar, but she says, doctors have not diagnosed as such. "She's been off her medication for four weeks or a month now," a concerned Dreyer says.

Tim Miller with Texas Equusearch says they originally thought this was a runaway case, but that's changed, "Nobody's heard from Abby. Nobody's seen Abby. So, of course now, we're fearing the worst."

Volunteers from Texas Equusearch began their search for Abby Friday and will continue the search over the weekend. If you would like to help, you can contact them at 281-309-9500.

"We hate to get started a month later," Miller explains, "but I think at this point in time, I think everybody is extremely concerned."

Especially Dreyer, who has this message for her daughter: "I love you, and I care about you. And I just want you safe. I want you to come home safe, okay?"

Miller say he hopes to find Abby alive, but has concerns, "Abby's entire life, she's been kind of like a throwaway child, and we're not gonna treat her like a throwaway child. We gotta find her."