What we know: Death of Prince, autopsy happening today

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CHANHASSEN, MN - Millions of fans worldwide want answers: what happened to the musical genius, Prince?

The 57-year-old superstar was found dead inside an elevator at his Minnesota home.

An autopsy has been completed, but the medical examiner's officer results won't be released for weeks. At a presser Friday, Minnesota officials explain there was no visible trauma to the body.  They say as of now, there is no reason to believe it was a suicide attempt.

According to TMZ, Prince's private jet made an emergency plane landing at the Quad City Airport in Moline, Illinois six days before his death.

The reason? TMZ reports the superstar overdosed on percocet. Prince was administered a "save shot", to revive him; percocet is a powerful, highly addictive pain-killer.

Prince had been taking pain killers to deal with hip pain. Prince protege, Sheila E, says he injured his hips while filming his hit "Purple Rain". He reportedly had surgery back in 2010.

This TMZ photograph was taken at Walgreen's near his home . . .  just hours before his death. They report it was Prince's fourth visit to the pharmacy that week.

Witnesses say the legend seem frail; he was sweaty, agitated, and pacing around

For now, fans can only wait and continue to celebrate his unquestionable legacy.