Church members collect relief items for Houston’s flood victims

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HOUSTON, TX - Following the flooding in Houston this week, many people across the Bayou City are making donations this weekend to help the victims of the flooding.

"They are not alone," Shelley Williams said. "Even though they may feel like they're alone, they are not alone. There are people here willing to help them."

Mayor Sylvester Turner's office says all flood evacuees who had been sheltered at the M.O. Campbell Center are now in hotels.  That's a step in the right direction according to Williams.

She said, "I know we look for our leaders to do, but they can't do everything, they're one person. It takes a whole community to make it work."

Williams joined other members of the New Guide Missionary Baptist Church in the Third Ward to host a donation drive this weekend.

"It doesn't matter how much you have, you can always give something to somebody else," Mishka Anderson said.

The church's pastor, Joe P. Hubbard added, "The good Lord can take a little and make a lot of it. We often count numbers, but God makes numbers count."

In North Houston, there was a similar feeling of hope among those collecting donations at The Church Without Walls.

"There still is good in the world," Terrance White said. "There are still people who actually, genuinely, authentically want to help people - just the fact that it's right to do right and it's good to do good."

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