Critters have been displaced by the Houston floods as well

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HOUSTON -  The heavy rains that flooded thousands of houses, also washed away many animal’s homes.

Now that the waters have receded, birds, bunnies, snakes and many other creatures are out looking for new “digs”.   “Our phones have been ringing off the hook says Roslyn Even of the TWRC Wildlife Center.  "Our admissions have doubled in the last week or so and a lot of them have been coming in just need in attention because they're wet and cold and hungry," Even adds.

Alligators have been flushed out of their homes too. This big guy probably used to live at Brazos Bend State Park, but today he was hanging out nearby at Brazos Bend Tree Farms. So they called the Gator Squad to nab him, but he had other ideas.  After 30 minutes of hard work, professional gator wranglers Gator Chris and Christy Kroboth, reeled in and roped the 11-foot male alligator.

Yeah, don’t try this at home.  If you come across an alligator, call these guys or Fish and Game Wardens. The Gator Squad will take this guy to a gator sanctuary, where he’ll stay out of trouble.

If you find an animal displaced by the floods, there’s help available.  “We suggest that people call us if they wildlife that needs assistance. And we have staff available to help them when they arrive,” says Even.

The TWRC Wildlife Center is open seven days a week and with all the animals coming in, they could really use your help. So if you have time swing by and donate money or volunteer.