Remains of missing teen believed to be found, Texas Equusearch founder seeks custody for proper burial

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SHOREACRES, TX - A heartbreaking update to a missing person case. The body of Abigail English ,who had been missing since March 22, appears to have been found.

Her family says she was last seen walking the dog, but only the dog returned without its leash or collar.

“What we found first was the dog leash and the collar. I said that we really got to search this area really thorough.... Then not very far from the leash and collar we came across the human remains,” said Equusearch founder Tim Miller.

Texas Equusearch had been helping in the search for Abigail. And after more than 1500 cases, this one hurts worse   for founder Tim Miller. He is seeking legal custody and guardianship of Abigail.

He wants to bury Abby next to his own daughter Laura, who was abducted and murdered more than 30 years ago.

“My daughter was listed as a runaway, also. I knew she wasn’t a runaway. 17 months later her body was found, and all Abby wanted was her family. I though it’d be appropriate, now Abby has a little sister laying right beside her, and these little teenage girls can talk and be together from now on,” Tim Miller shared.

Abby spent a rocky 13 years in the foster care system before moving in with her grandma last November.

Her family had planned to cremate the remains. Miller explained, “Nobody had the means to give her the funeral she so rightly deserved… we’ve worked with the mother today, we worked with the authorities in California that had legal custody of Abby… Abby’s mother is going to be very very involved with the funeral arrangements, the burial of her daughter.”

It's certainly a sad and touching gesture that will hopefully bring a peaceful end to an otherwise traumatic story.