Sibling argument leads teen sister to allegedly stab older brother to death

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HARRIS COUNTY - Monday morning brought tragedy to a family in west Harris County as an apparent sibling argument ended in the stabbing death of 19-year-old Mario Aguirre.

"I cannot find a reason for a sister to get that angry to do's very hard," neighbor Maria Rodriguez commented.

"He was always caring about his family," a close friend related.

"We saw him grow up," Rodriguez continued. "And it's very hard for me to know that Mario's dead."

According to a relative, 16-year-old Angie Aguirre got into a heated argument with her older brother late Sunday night, that got out of hand.

"It was just one of those things that you don't see coming," a friend of the family shared.

"Brothers and sisters fight a lot, but sometimes when you let them get too mad...and you don't, as an adult, intervene before it goes too far, that's when it's dangerous," Rodriguez remarked.

The family home is now a crime scene.

"It's just very sad, and very, you know, hard to describe it," a friend, who knew Aguirre since elementary school, conveyed.

The sister was taken into custody for questioning but has not been charged in the death at this time.

Detectives are investigating and have not released any details, including whether the stabbing was in self-defense.

"It's's real hard," Rodriguez reflected.

Now, behind closed doors, a fragile family is left to pick up the pieces and question why this happened.