Spice of Blythe: Cooking with fire

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Inside or outside, tailgating or having friends over... there's nothing quite like grilling in Texas.  Who doesn't love it? And better yet, there's always stuff to grill.

Let's start with a classic, America's favorite, a good old hamburger.  All you gotta do is make sure the grill's hot, the meat's seasoned well, and you flip it on time.

Or how about a nice steak?  I like to take a flank steak, marinade it in some pineapple juice, orange juice, add some lime, and cook it up to a beautiful medium rare.

Don't sleep on the chicken breast, either.  It's not boring!  It's a palette you can use however you want!

The Spice Of Blythe is, there's nothing like a hot grill to heat things up and make them spicy.  Get out there, enjoy the weather, and get fired up!