Women who live near green spaces live longer

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If you're a woman who loves being in the good ole outdoors it turns out living in or near green spaces can help you live longer according to a new study by the National Institutes of Health.

Women living in the greenest areas had a twelve percent lower death rate than those in the least green areas. Researchers found that women in greener areas also had lower death rates for kidney disease, respiratory disease and cancer.

The study suggests  exposure to green environments leads to healthier lifestyles. You're more likely to take part in activities such as a  jog in the park or a yoga class to keep stress down. That often leads to improved mental health and more opportunities for social engagement. While the study did focus on women, spending time outside can still do men some good.

Don't worry, researchers say there is no need to flee to the countryside for a long life but being outside more won't hurt.