Dead body found at Apple headquarters a day after the company’s stock value drops $40 Billion

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CUPERTINO, CA - How bad have things gotten at iconic tech company Apple in Silicon Valley?

Well, when you find a dead body in the board room, that can't be good.

"Deputies were dispatched to a call," Sgt. Andrea Urena from the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department announced. "...A person down at One Infinite Loop."

According to authorities, the body was found in a conference room there early Wednesday morning, and apparently the victim was an Hispanic male and an Apple employee.

But officials have not confirmed whether suicide caused the death, or if a gun was found near the body, as some reports have indicated.

"They determined that there were no other individuals involved," Urena continued. "And they believe it was an isolated incident."

However, TMZ reported that the sheriff's dispatch originally indicated there may have been a fight among employees at the campus, and a female may have been injured.

So far, no one from Apple is commenting.

But this tragedy comes a day after the high-tech giant announced its first revenue drop since 2003, and that news also sent Apple stock prices tumbling overnight with the company's value losing an estimated $40 Billion!

The company reported that iPhone sales have dropped for the first time ever, falling 16 percent in one year.

With so much bad news in two days, the folks at Apple likely can't wait for this week to be over!