Man tries to steal Conroe tiger, caught on surveillance

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CONROE, TX- How do you plan a tiger robbery? Don't ask this guy . .  .

Remember that tiger wandering the streets of Conroe during the crazy floods?

Well, some dude tried to break into the Conroe Animal Shelter and snatch the cat, but his plan wasn't very effective.

The suspect broke a glass window in the shelter to get the cat. It seems he didn't have the rest all figured out

Instead, the suspect just ran around the shelter trying to find the animal, but his master plan failed.

This all happened Wednesday morning, the day the tiger was set to be relocated to an animal sanctuary.

During a hearing Tuesday, the owner who lost custody of his beloved feline, says she was being well taken care of before she got lost in the floods. He says she roamed around on, "Probably 13 acres of land and could do whatever she wanted."

A city ordinance says dangerous animals aren't allowed to be kept as pets.

Considering this tiger has already been on the loose once, we think that's a good idea.

As for the attempted robbery suspect, maybe he should have tried catching the tiger by his toe!