Uber threatens to leave Houston in the rear view mirror, Mayor Turner responds

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HOUSTON - Uber in, Uber out?  The ride-sharing company is threatening to pump the brakes in Houston.  What's driving the frustration behind the wheel for Uber drivers in H-Town is background checks that require fingerprinting.  The city wants them, Uber does not.

At issue, passenger safety.  Uber says Houston's screening regulations make it harder for people to become drivers, resulting in less reliable service for passengers.  Mayor Sylvester Turner says if you want do business in Houston, you've got to follow the rules.

During a press conference, Wednesday, Mayor Turner stated "Uber has more drivers than permitted cab drivers in the city of Houston."

In August 2014, the Houston City Council made an exception for Uber drivers.

Some crazy incidents have not helped Uber's cause.  In 2015, Houston Uber driver Duncan Burton was arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting a female passenger.  In February this year, in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Uber driver Jason Dalton was arrested for going on a shooting spree killing six people.

Maybe time will tell if Uber's business in Houston is just a fork in the road or a dead end.