Young mother is shot and killed by her 2-year-old son

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MILWAUKEE, WI - Moms and dads everywhere are certainly familiar with the terrible twos. And daily, it seems, we hear about guns getting into the wrong hands.  But a gun in the hands of a Milwaukee 2-year-old very quickly turns from tragic.

Twenty-six year old Patrice Price is dead from a single bullet in her back.

"They pulled a, looks like a young lady, out and they start to resuscitate her on the ground,” says Kourtney Blevins, a passerby.

As traffic came to a stand-still in both directions, the young mother of three was pronounced dead in the middle of the highway.  Her killer? Her own toddler riding in the back seat.

The investigation is going to continue, but the sheriff`s office already knows Price was driving a car belonging to her security guard boyfriend. They believe he left a gun belt and loaded weapon in the car.

Price`s mom and one-year-old child were in the front passenger seat. Neither of the kids was in a car seat.

Price also leaves behind a daughter and an older sister who posted to Facebook, “My little sister lost her life today. Wow baby girl you will be truly missed.”

While still near the scene of the tragedy, Blevins added. “I just kind of stayed back and just prayed about it."

Questions continue, along with prayers for those most affected. The shooting may have been an accident, but that does not change the fact....three young children will grow up without their mom.