METRO bus driver caught on camera screaming at passenger and possibly wielding a knife

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HOUSTON - Talk about a chilling bus ride.

"Everybody was doing fine until you got on here!" a Houston METRO bus driver screamed at a nearby passenger.

The bus driver- caught on camera- is under investigation for allegedly pulling a knife on a passenger.

The witness who filmed the altercation says the bus driver started the whole thing. "And I was nervous, and I went ahead and pulled out my phone," the witness Karen Latimer said.

As the argument got out of hand, Latimer says the driver pulled the bus over and pulled out a switch-blade knife!

"I'm not playin' with you!" the driver can be heard yelling.

"She jumped out of her seat with a knife already ready, and she had the handle cupped in her hand," Latimer described. "And the blade you could see it-- and swinging it around-- saying, 'Don't F with me....I can cut you!'"

The video appears to show a shiny object in the bus driver's right hand, but it's hard to identify completely.

"I was afraid, you know, 'cus she could have cut me, or he (the passenger) could have pulled out a weapon," Latimer insisted.

METRO drivers are not allowed to carry weapons of any kind, so the whole incident is under further investigation.

While nobody expects to see this from a bus driver, what do other bus riders think?

"Depends on the situation that the bus driver was in," Roy Hylnd said. "If he was in a threat or not."

"He's a person just like anyone else," frequent rider David Williams felt. "He needs to be able to defend himself."

"Them pulling knives or a weapon or whatever...that's making me not want to ride on the bus no more," another frequent rider Keith Anderson declared.

METRO issued a statement saying, "Safety is METRO's top priority for customers and staff. The operator has been pulled from service as we conduct our investigation."

Whatever the investigation reveals, looks like a bumpy ride ahead!