Prince addicted to percocets, Chyna accidental overdose

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CHANHASSEN, MN-  Time and time again, we lose our idols to drugs. It's looking like that's the case with music legend, Prince.

Prescription opiates, typically used as painkillers, were found inside the elevator with Prince when he died.

TMZ reports the 57-year-old had a "longstanding Percocet addiction."

According to TMZ, Prince was prescribed the addictive pain-killer a year before his hip surgery in 2010.  At that point, he was already hooked.

An apparent overdose is the alleged reason Prince's plane made an emergency landing just six days prior to his death.

TMZ reports the superstar visited a Walgreen's four times during the week leading up to his death. They also say the feds are trying to figure out which doctor's provided the pills  . . . and for what reasons.

Unfortunately, that's not the only star who appears to have lost a battle with drug addiction.

Chyna, the legendary wrestler who died the day before Prince, might have overdosed on sleeping pills.

According to her manager, it was an accidental overdose. The 46-year-old was had insomnia and was taking Ambien and a generic form of Valium to help her sleep.

Two legends in just two days: a reminder that prescription pills are nothing to play around with.