Where can a single mom with no support system turn?

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HOUSTON, TX-- Motherhood is no joke these days! And it's worse for single moms. It can break you down mentally, physically and financially.

Just ask the 75,000 single mothers living below the poverty line in Harris County, according to the last census. "A lot of them don't have much of a support system, which is the trouble," says Megan Breed, a case worker with Family Services of Greater Houston, also known as Family Houston.

Everyday, Breed sees firsthand the problems single moms face, "One of the big challenges for a lot of our mothers is finding employment that is flexible, that has good benefits for their children, and that allows them to be home to help with homework, to do all those things. It can be a lot to balance."

But, she says, her agency can be the help they need, "We love to get them connected to resources." Those include things like legal help to regain custody of their kids, free school supplies and even beds for their kiddoes! They also have financial and employment coaches on staff, great resources that can be utilized free.

Kimeisha H. says the services helped her turn her life around, "Change can happen and sometimes everybody needs a helping hand. And that's what Family Houston has been for me."

To get some help, visit their website familyhouston.org. Counselors like Breed are available to be that support system you need, not just to make ends meet, but to help you fulfill your dreams.

Breed says, "We like to be that cheerleader to say, 'Actually, it is possible.' I think it is, and so let's see how we can make it work."