Health concerns about the chemicals released during the Spring Branch warehouse fire on Thursday

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HOUSTON, TX - First came the heat and now the health concerns. The 4-alarm fire that destroyed a Spring Branch area warehouse on Thursday is under control, but local residents and nearby workers are now worried about the chemicals that were released into the air during the blaze.

Witnesses say the ash from the burning warehouse was so thick, it blanketed nearby vehicles. But the air quality wasn't the only thing compromised by the chemical release, water run-off from firefighters battling the blaze, seeped into this nearby creek, turning it red. The City of Houston is working on containing these leaked pesticides and petroleum additives. Officials warn that while some contaminants may not be totally removed, the recent heavy rain in the area might lessen the environmental impact. At least our awful flooding was good for something.

Public Works is saying the drinking water quality has not been affected. the fire, on the other hand, is still under investigation. Still, some folks are claiming it could have been put out quicker if firefighters had better access to water.
Nearby resident Valentine Granadus says, " The mayor needs to come down and take a look at this, cause we desperately need fire hydrants out here. Desperately."

A need for more fire hydrants. Now that's a fire City Hall might need to address.

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