Hundreds march through Downtown Houston to legalize marijuana

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HOUSTON-  To a few hundred Houstonians in Downtown Houston, the grass is greener in Colorado and Washington... `cuz it`s legal.

A motivated, but mellow group hit the streets to march for Mary Jane- a.k.a. reefer, ganja, giggle weed- all part of the Global Marijuana March.

These pro pot protesters are part of NORML, the National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws.  They wanna "grow the economy", change public opinion and change the laws. “We can have conversations with our District Attorney in Harris County, we can have conversations with Sylvester Turner at City Hall. These people have the power to tell policing forces, including the Sheriff’s Department and the city police to stop arresting people for small amounts of marijuana” says Cara Bonin, President of Houston NORML.

For some, legalizing cannabis is a matter of health. “I’ve been epileptic for over 20 years. I’ve been put on every medication possible, and cannabis is what works” explains Andrea Wimberley.

Seanda Blocker is a nurse who'd never inhaled, until recently.  “I have chronic nausea. It wasn’t until December that I had tried marijuana for the first time- I’m 47 years old. I want it to be legal and I want to be able to feel better.”

To be 'blunt', NORML thinks their plan is 'dope'... but time will tell if they’re able to “blaze” a path through the capitol.