Austin man charged with stealing $65,000 in Magic The Gathering cards

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HOUSTON, TX - Spent any time in the wonderful world of magic lately? Anyone you know spending ungodly amounts of time looking for the one Magic The Gathering card to beat them all? You know, some of those cards can get expensive.

It`s so bad in Austin that surveillance video caught a guy outside Pat’s Games breaking in to steal a case of cards worth $65,000 last January. Carlos Dominguez-Ugarte is charged with the crime after recently attempting to unload the cards at a different store. Guess you could say someone cast the spell of betrayal on the crook and turned him in. Austin Police say they recovered 65% of the "magic" and say one of the cards was worth $7,000 alone.

WOW! A 5-cent piece of paper printed not so long ago, now worth tons of cash. Pixie dust or not, where`s the magic in that?