Domino’s check-up on regular customer saves his life

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SALEM, OR - If you're a pizza lover, here's another reason for you to keep lovin' it.

In Salem, Oregon, Kirk Anderson always treats himself to Domino's. According to general manager, Sarah Fuller,  "He usually gets chicken wings, sandwich, pasta, sometimes a pizza".

When his delivery requests suddenly stopped, his neighborhood Domino's got worried.

Fuller checked his last order on a Saturday night. "It was eleven days ago which was not normal at all . . . I sent a delivery driver over to  his house . . .  he saw lights and heard the TV but couldn't get him to answer the door."

Something wasn't adding up, so the employees decided to call the cops.

According to Fuller, police heard him calling for help from inside his home.

He was found laying on the ground.  Anderson had suffered a stroke and needed immediate medical attention.

If it hadn't been for this watchful Domino's,  Anderson might have not made it.

Fuller says she was just doing what was right. "I think we were just doing our job checking in on someone we know who orders a lot."

A pizza shop saving your life? Now, that's great customer service.