Emma Watson named in Panama Papers, claims offshore account is for privacy

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LONDON, ENGLAND - Think Emma Watson . . . and you might be thinking actress in Harry Potter films,  fashion model, or United Nations Ambassador and feminist activist, but you probably weren't thinking "Panama Papers" account holder.

The leaked documents, revealed how the wealthy used offshore bank accounts to keep their money hidden, usually for illegal purposes.

Look like Ms. Watson had an account herself!

The A-list celebrity's rep says she only created an account for privacy purposes.  Apparently she was trying to buy a house and the account was made to protect her personal safety.

Who knows if a new pad was the real reason Watson set up an account or not.

What we do know is her stance on gender inequality . . .  she wants to put an end to it.

After this new finding, we're not so sure she feels the same way about wealth inequality.