Say what?! Forbes tweets ‘Houston is the 3rd worst city to start a career’

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NEW YORK CITY-- Wednesday morning, Forbes sent out a tweet saying Houston is the third worst city to start your career. But how can that be? We're a great place for jobs, one of the best. With the Texas Medical Center and oil industry (uhh... most of the time), we have some of the highest paying starter jobs around.

So we clicked their link to investigate. Funny thing, though, it showed Houston as the number nine best city to start your career. Not anywhere near the worst.

This info is based on a study by WalletHub, who looked at professional opportunities and quality of life around the U.S.

They actually show Houston has the highest starting salaries in the country when you adjust for cost of living. Dallas comes in fourth. Always lagging behind, huh, Dallas?

Corpus Christi, which the Forbes tweet called the second worst city to start out in, is actually the 10th best.

They did get Detroit right, though. It came in as the worst job city in America, 150 out of 150.

Orlando tied with three other cities for most entry-level jobs. But they didn't mention you have to wear mouse ears for most of 'em!

Salt Lake City, Denver and Austin topped the list for best cities to start out in. All had higher 'quality of life' rankings than Houston. That's based on stuff like the percentage of folks between 25 and 34, and housing affordability. They're probably right when it comes to Houston rent. Like that guy in New York always says, "Rent is too DAMN high!"

We contacted Forbes about their tacky tweet and are waiting to hear back. We don't know how something so obvious got so mixed up. But FYI, Forbes, before you hit send, check your tweets or you'll end up looking like twits!