Amrith Lotlikar is a Class Act for more than just his test taking skills

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HOUSTON, TX - Amrith Lotlikar knew if he prepared well, he'd feel comfortable taking the ACT test.  Turns out, he got a 36, a perfect score!  It's all part of a junior year that's seen him have success with the math team at Carnegie Vanguard, in his seven AP courses and on the tennis court.

"Ever since I did well on the ACT, I've been doing well in the math competitions, so, I think this has been my best year in high school so far," Lotlikar said.

While Amrith has a passion for math, he's hoping whatever he continues to study will help him make a positive impact in the world.

"The way I really want to measure my success in life is the difference I make in the lives of the other people. I really want to use whatever skills I have, whatever knowledge, to help contribute to society."

Amrith says like other kids, he likes to watch television, but he also enjoys reading reference manuals.  Currently, he's taken an interest in reading about Java programming language.