Friday the 13th, epic myth or self fulfilling prophecy?

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HOUSTON, TX - It`s Friday the 13th! The day all of western society fears - when everything that can go wrong – will go wrong.

But where`d this terrible tradition come from? One theory, it`s biblical... 13 people at the last supper and all that.

Another theory has the origin placed in a little more recent history. Like in 1307, on a Friday the 13th, when the king of France ordered the slaughter of the Knight`s Templar in his country.

“But that`s really something that 20th century popular historians and people inclined to look for kind of conspiracy theories, from Templars, to Masons, to the Illuminati that`s something that really emerges in the 20th century,” says Nicholas Cox, History professor at H.C.C.

But whether the universe has it in for you or not, it might depend on how you look at the superstition.

“If you think of a day as lucky, you are going to see all the good things that happen, and if you think of it as your unlucky day, you`re going to see the one or two not lucky things that happen, “I got caught in traffic because it was Friday the 13th,’” explained Diane Gremmel, Psychic Medium at Houston’s A.R.E. Center.

And if you want to make sure tonight is scary, Screamworld is open to celebrate what amounts to a holiday in their business of fear.

“We will have an all you can scream ticket tonight, go through as many times as you want,” says owner Jim Fetterly.

If it`s all about perception, then whether or not Friday the 13th is filled with gloom and doom is really all up to you. Even so, if you wanted to forgo partying at an abandoned summer camp, no one will fault you for it.

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