Obama administration won’t poo poo transgenders’ bathroom rights

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WASHINGTON, D.C.-  The Obama administration is at it again... changin` the rules of education from his big, White House at least that's what Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick is sayin`. "The president is getting involved where he shouldn`t get involved," says Patrick.

Actually, what Obama has done is order all public schools to let transgender students use whatever bathroom they want.  The Departments of Education and Justice sent a joint letter to schools giving guidance to teachers, administrators and parents on protecting the rights of transgender students. "This is the most damaging public policy he`s ever made and that`s saying something for this president who gave us Obamacare. He`s either paying back the lesbian, gays and transgender community that helped him defeat Hillary Clinton, or he believes in this policy."

I doubt the folks at Equality Texas would agree.  "Dan Patrick is a bully.  He's going across the state bullying our youth and we need to make sure that they know people care about them, and that they're not alone. Dan Patrick should not be using this as a political stepping point" says Lou Weaver, the  Transgender Programs Coordinator at Equality Texas.

Houston ISD says they don't allow discrimination of any kind, and when restroom access questions arise they "make accommodations that are aligned with the letter and spirit of the district's policy prohibiting student discrimination, harassment and retaliation."

Kind of makes ya' miss the days when smokin' in the bathroom was the biggest problem.


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