Simon Says: My dog died and the law was not on my side!

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It’s funny how living in the USA can be inconsistent.  Speed limits are all over the place and state income taxes depend on where you live. It all doesn’t make sense.

Which got me thinking about dogs , and what’s going on in Michigan.

Did you hear about a push to make it a felony if your pet dies after being left unattended in a car?  It could mean a $5,000 penalty and up to five years in jail.

Ya gotta love what they are trying to do in Michigan. If passed, the law would be the toughest in the country to punish people who neglect animals in cars.

Neglect is a serious thing, and anyone guilty of it should feel handcuffs.

Remember, we live in an inconsistent country. Because even though some lawmakers think you should go to jail for leaving a pet in a car, good luck getting the owner of a pet hotel  arrested if THEY neglect your pet.

“Boggs” died last year in a Los Angeles area hotel.  A few weeks later, it happened to me. “Smalls” died while being  left unattended for hours at place I thought she would be safe. It was horrible.

No one was arrested or charged because Texas and so many other states don’t have laws making places like this criminally negligent when they screw-up.

I mean, if a babysitter or daycare neglects a child, all hell breaks loose; but if an animal gets hurt,  no one cares. Your only option is a court date with someone like Judge Judy.

That’s why the proposed law in Michigan is a such good thing.  If we can get serious about animal neglect, it may mean EVERYONE pays a price.

Because right now, with so much inconsistency, it’s a crying shame that just adds to the tears of tragically losing a pet.

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