Job hunting? Clean up your social media pages

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HOUSTON- Hey grads! Listen up, we’ve got important information that’ll help you get a job. Are ya’ listenin’?  Clean up your social media pages. Sounds simple, and you’ve probably heard it before… but did you do it? Social media is great for networking and getting your name out there, but it has a HUGE downside.

The folks at CareerBuilder say 60% employers research applicants by “Googling” them and checking out their social media pages. And if they come across as someone that’s irresponsible and not very employable they're probably not gonna hire 'em.  Here's proof- 49% of managers say they’ve dumped candidates because of things on their social media pages. Some are obvious- criminal behavior, and racist comments, but other things like inappropriate pictures, drinking, drugs, badmouthing co-workers or ranting about previous employers... can also get you cut from consideration. And don't make your accounts “private”.  Bosses (41%) say they’re less likely to hire someone if they can’t find any info online.

And FYI- employers are looking at more than just Facebook, Twitter and Linked In. They’re searching pretty much everything including Instagram, Yelp, and even Glass Door.

But there is some good news, 32% of managers found things online that convinced them to hire the candidate. Things like communication skills, a wide range of interests and a professional image.

So if you're job hunting, clean up your online image.


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