Red Hot Chili Pepper’s lead singer hospitalized

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LOS ANGELES, CA - There's nothing like the initial moment of seeing a band walk on stage.

The crowd at K-ROQ's annual "Weenie Roast Concert", in California, was eagerly waiting for Red Hot Chili Pepper's performance.

When the headliners hit the stage, they gave a disappointing announcement.

Their lead singer, Anthony Keidis, was rushed to the hospital and they had to cancel their show.

Apparently, the singer needed to tend to a reported stomach illness.

Fans weren't going to get to rock out to "Dani California" that night. The drummer, Chad Smith, tweeted about the band's letdown. They were just bummed as the fans, but their fellow band mate's health was their top priority.

Hopefully, Keidis can get back to rockin' soon.