America’s first successful penis transplant gives hope to wounded soldiers

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BOSTON, MA - Heads up guys! Big news today involving… man parts.  We`re talkin` penis transplant!

America`s first successful surgery of this kind took just fifteen hours at mass general hospital in Boston. The recipient is Thomas Manning, 64, from Halifax, Massachusetts. While battling penile cancer, most of his junk was removed.

Hey....we know you`ve got questions. Like, what about potty breaks?

He`ll have a catheter, at first. But doctors say manning should pee normally within the next few weeks.

As for surgical technique, the donated organ was removed from a recently deceased male. It was carefully dissected to keep its blood vessels, nerves and connecting structures intact before being attached to manning.

Anything else?

Oh yeah…sex! Docs say full sexual function will take a few months.

Perhaps the most arousing news affects men who suffered genital wounds in Iraq and Afghanistan. This surgery could mean a return to normalcy for more than a thousand US soldiers.

Some believe this groundbreaking medical technology is a full-blown miracle!