Australian Olympic team announces free supply of anti-Zika virus condoms for its athletes

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Sydney, Australia - They say it's better to be safe than sorry...and now Aussies will be.

Yeah, Olympic athletes from "the land down under" will get something extra special 'down under' when they hit Rio for the summer games.

The world-class athletes are being outfitted with free condoms which are designed to be nearly Zika-proof.

The Australian Olympic Committee is hoping for a "G'day, mate!"

They issued a statement calling the condom distribution "a commonsense approach to a very serious problem we are facing in Rio."

With Zika in full epidemic mode across Latin America-- and Brazil being a hotbed for the virus-- the World Health Organization has declared it a global health emergency.

And since Zika isn't just passed through mosquitoes-- but can be also sexually-transmitted-- the Olympic Village at the summer games could become one large Zika-fest!

So, an Australian condom maker developed an anti-viral gel that lab tests confirmed is a near-perfect defense against Zika.

Meanwhile, the US Olympic Committee has remained "mum" on Zika protection.

But not to be outdone by the Aussies, you can bet the US team is working on a top secret "super condom" at this moment.

Afterall, whoever scores the best Zika-proof condom will definitely be going for the gold!