Bears invade a California suburb…and even climb inside a Lexus in a driveway

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SOUTH TAHOE, CA - Talk about bears in the hood!

Spring has sprung in Lake Tahoe, and bears are waking up from hibernation and invading the suburbs.

"It`s an exciting time right now," wildlife educator Toogie Silch of The Bear League announced. "Bears are out!"

Yep, the bears are out, alright. In this case, a mother black bear and her two cubs decided to roam the streets.

But some juvenile bears are getting into trouble.

Yeah, these juvenile delinquents decided to hop inside this Lexus, and it looks like they wanted to go for a joyride!

Well, experts say there's a reason the bears are coming to town.

"There`s all these green zones, green zones moving through the neighborhoods," Silch said. "That's their ingress and egress."

So the bears are feeding on the lush grass and other goodies in the hood.

But what do the humans think about the neighborhood bear invasion?

"It could be day or night'll see them out," one resident declared.

"They're so fun to watch, but  we've never ever seen a mamma with babies that small," another lady observed.

But what should you do if you come face to face with one of these furry fellows?

Don't give them a bear hug. Instead, Silch says give them a roar!

"Just show a little force...a little 'Raaahhh!'" he demonstrated. "Just get mean with them, really. That's what they relate to."

Well, if you say so.

Guess those are the "bear" necessities of life in Tahoe.