Democrats have their own Kentucky derby

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LEWISVILLE, KY - Another day, another democratic party drama. You know the key players on this political stage, front-runner  Hillary Clinton and the man motivated by momentum, Bernie Sanders.

Just like the famous derby, the two are in a horse race to the finish with high hopes in Tuesday`s Kentucky Primary.

She`s not in the winner`s circle yet, but Clinton`s already lining up key work-horses for her stable.  “My husband (Bill) , who I am gonna put in charge of revitalizing the economy cause he knows how to do it.”

Hoping for more than a photo finish, Sanders has won the last few primary races including West Virginia and Indiana.

Sanders says, "Nobody would have believed that we would receive well over 9 million votes at this point in the campaign.”

Meanwhile, actor Wendell Pierce is a strong Hillary supporter and his political views just landed him in the pokey.

The star of The Wire recently portrayed Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas on HBO. He may be supremely embarrassed after being arrested in Atlanta’s Lowes Hotel. He allegedly beat up a woman for supporting Sanders.  Pierce was released on a $1000.00 bail.

Raising opposing viewpoints is one thing. But, should they lead to raised fists?