Fake bomb forces stadium evacuation

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MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - Better safe than sorry, right? That's what fans of the English soccer team Manchester United are reminding themselves after the team's game on Sunday was canceled after a bomb scare.

Just minutes before the start of the match, an announcement told fans to get out of the stadium. It turns out that a fake bomb from a training exercise had been left in one of the bathrooms. Police say the device was "incredibly lifelike."

Fans flooded the streets outside as police moved in and determined there was no real threat.

Actually... Manchester's Mayor Tony Lloyd says the incident shows there is a hole in stadium security, "That gap has now got to be filled to make sure that in the event of someone trying to place a device that it will be discovered."

Manchester United's stadium, named Old Trafford, is one of the  largest soccer  stadiums in the UK. The arena is more than 100 years old and withstood bombings from the Nazis during World War II. Good thing it wasn't brought down by a bomb left in a toilet.

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