Houston road rage incident goes viral

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HOUSTON -  Saturday night's alright for fighting, but four people went bat s*** crazy in a road rage incident Saturday morning in West Harris County right near 290 and Highway 6.

"Unbelievable. We couldn't believe it. It just kept escalating ," says David Dao who was there when the "fists started  flying" between a couple driving a blue Dodge pickup truck, and two men in a white sedan.

"'When the white car pulled up I think it aggravated the truck, " says Dao.  Whatever the reason, both parties got out of their cars in the middle of Highway 6 to "chat" about it.

Then, just when it seemed like things were starting to calm down, the truck screeched forward barely missing the woman.  A drink was thrown. And when the pickup driver kicked the car's grill... ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE!

After the screaming woman was punched in the face... everyone got back in their vehicles, and it seemed like the fracas was finally finished. Then, the driver of the truck threw it into reverse, backed into the sedan, then sped off onto Highway 290. The sedan was damaged but not enough to prevent the two men from driving off to chase the truck.

Harris County Sheriff's Department is investigating the incident.

Dao hopes others will learn from this incident, "Emotion is great. That's what makes us all special, but the problem is, we can't always act on emotion. We have to be able to switch that button back to logical thinking. What works for me to calm myself down when I get escalated, is I do the sign of the cross."

Amen brother!  That's good advice so you don't end up in a knock-down drag out like this.

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