Valero family seeks justice, two children killed in two months

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HOUSTON, TX - This weekend`s prom night memories will be tainted with tragedy for students at Yes Prep North Central campus.

Around 1 a.m. Saturday morning, Jocelynn Valero was a passenger in a Dodge Charger. She lost her life when a driver, running from police and allegedly intoxicated, ran a red light at 45 North and Tidwell, and crashed into the car.

Friends, classmates and family members have set up a memorial at the crash site.

Yes Prep Public Schools put out a statement expressing their condolences an an on campus memorial service for Jocelynn is being planned.

It`s been an especially hard year for the Valero family.

“Jocelynn`s my little sister... Was going to graduate this year, looking forward to college life, real positive person... We`re broken, we`re hurt, it`s just devastating for us right now,” shared Jocelynn’s brother, Noe Valero.

The Valero family just last month lost Jocelynn’s brother, José, in a senseless shooting outside a nightclub in northwest Houston.

While the drunk driver allegedly responsible for taking Jocelynn’s life, 26-year-old Edin Palacios, was apprehended at the scene and charged with both murder and evading arrest, the person responsible for José Valero’s death is still at large.

“Particularly for the Spring Branch community.. the Spanish community that`s in there, I know y’all know who this guy is, we`ve been in there passing out flyers, these flyers are being taken down.. Nobody wants to talk...I’m not going to stop until we get him off the streets,” says Noe.

Anyone who knows anything regarding the death of José Valero is encouraged to contact Crime Stoppers. A Go-Fund-Me has also been set up to assist the Valeros as they plan arrangements for Jocelynn.