Churrasco To Go food truck brings meat to the streets

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HOUSTON-  Calling all carnivores! Churrasco To Go is your dream food truck.

Owner Oscar Santaella started Churrasco To Go, three years ago saying. "I think like any other business at the beginning it's really hard, but now we're happy." His business has grown to two trucks, with a third on the way - obviously Houstonians love a good steak.  All the meat is skewered and grilled inside over a charcoal and mesquite fire.

ChurrascotoGoMeatloverssammyWe tried to "grill" Oscar for his recipe secrets but all he'd tell us is that three year ago, the menu was 100% Brazilian, but has changed to please customers. One of the changes was adding guacamole and avocados. Neither are Brazilian cuisine, but customers started asking for guacamole and avocado on the sandwiches.

In fact, one customer's request to make a sandwich with three different meats, became the truck's top selling sandwhich,  It's called "Meatlovers" and is filled with fresh lettuce, tomato and bread "crowned" with Top Sirloin, Parmesan Pork Sirloin, Brazilian Sausage and chimichurri sauce. Yum! This is the "king" of sandwiches.

So if you've always wondered "Where's the beef?" You'll find it at a Churrasco To Go food truck.